Authentic with Property Painting Projects

If you are likely to paint your house and are determined to do-it-yourself take a little extra time and spend a bit more money to accomplish it right. Colors are subjective, but the quality of materials and painting tools are not. For this example we are likely to have the process of painting the inside of a normal home. In almost every paint job Used to do I insisted that customers used an oil based paint on woodwork and doors. Not only does oil paint make wood look and feel much better it gives you a superior durable and washable finish that water based latex paint can’t. There is nothing worse than seeing a newly painted door or frame ruined by fingerprints and other marks.

First, and foremost don’t buy cheap paint. I prefer using Sherwin Williams Duration or Superpaint brands. They will run around $40 a gallon and $35 a gallon respectively. Expect to have coverage around 350 square feet per gallon and two coats are always necessary. Another advantageous asset of using higher grade paint is that touch-up later on will blend perfectly.

Don’t buy a pricey brush for painting the walls. Look to spend around $8 to $10 dollars on a 2 and a half inch ANGLED sash brush. I stress buying an angled sash brush because that is how professionals paint straight lines and properly cut in a room. When cutting in ceilings do not use tape. People are frightened that they cannot paint a direct line. Painting is not like throwing a 30 yard post pattern in the NFL. You may not need to be at the very top athlete to become a good painter perhaps you have seen the physiques of all professional painters? Painting is all about patience don’t attempt to rush through the cutting in phase since a good paint job is all about straight lines period. Only a little trick is when you are cutting in focus your eyes just slightly in front of the brush. Your hand will magically follow your sight line. Test it it works.

When you yourself have large holes or cracks in a wall purchase a tiny can of vinyl repair paste. The reason why I prefer it over regular wall Spackle is that if it dries it is much harder and sands easily. You may even utilize it for minor wood repair in a pinch.

In regards to rolling out the walls never make use of a cheap foam roller. Foam rollers never evenly absorb the paint out of the pan and will in actuality add time to you project and cause more mess. Buy yourself an artificial professional 3/8 nap roller head for approximately $6 to $8. Not only can the paint be applied in a softer fashion you’ll experience less work and messĀ

Now here comes the fun part doors and wood work. This really is where most people opt to use latex which is a huge mistake. Your home is the biggest investment don’t cut corners on it’s aesthetics. You want the final in your woodwork to stand out of the walls especially if you have crown moulding or waynes coating. Don’t be fooled by water based products that claim to give the look and finish of oil. It’s just good marketing preying on people’s fears of painting with oil. Don’t believe the hype as those samples they show you’ve 3 or 4 coats which have been professionally sprayed in a dust free environment. You won’t get the same results I can promise you that. You have a selection of semi-gloss or gloss finish. I prefer gloss because in my experience it gives you a bit more durability and shine. Just one is likely to be fine for your project. Now let’s get started.

The very first thing you should do is clean your baseboards, doors, and wood utilize a damp rag. Yes, your baseboards are that dirty. Now comes the frustrating process of taping off. This can be a step that is skipped by most do it oneself people and let me inform you it shows. Like I discussed earlier a paint job is as good as the straightness off it’s lines don’t cheat yourself here. Buy low stick professional painters tape and allow the walls to properly dry when you apply. Spend some time as this process cannot be rushed through, but will give professional looking results. When you yourself have carpet use 2 inch regular painters tape and tuck it in real good where in actuality the carpet meets the baseboard. Remove door hardware it takes two seconds and failure to do so is only going to slow you down in the long run. Open the windows and use any fans as painting with oil based paint comes with paint fumes.

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