The key reason why Everyone loves This Turtle Shore Wireless XBOX 360 Headset

I am a gamer, and the XBOX™ is my weapon of choice.

I work hard all day in a customer service job, and I am taking night classes so I can finish my degree and get a much better job. My job doesn’t pay much so I am sharing a condo with three other guys. As imaginable, my eight hour shift in customer service is pretty much dealing with unhappy people. School is demanding in it’s own way. While my roommates are cool, it’s tough to generally share close quarters.

So I want a method to let off steam, and I enjoy XBOX™ and XBOX™ LIVE. I can escape reality, just for a time, and really relax. I get home from my night class around 10:30, eat something, and then settle in for some hours of living in another reality.

The sole problem is, my roommates don’t share my schedule. One gets up at 4:30 a.m. to head to work, another at 5:30. They didn’t appreciate the bombs and gun shots at midnight, and my voice level elevating to make sure my gaming buddies on chat could hear me over the back ground noise top rated xbox one headset. The message was clear: stop the midnight games or get another spot to live.

So I decided to invest in some XBOX™ headsets. A pal told me to browse the Turtle Beach Ear Force X31. It absolutely was a great tip.

I LOVE this headset.

To begin with, it’s wireless. And it uses 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology. What that methods to me is, I can move my room or even out to the kitchen to seize a drink without dropping my connection to my XBOX™. I am not tethered to my XBOX with a cable. And the sound quality is freaking amazing. It’s like playing a CD! I can hear a myriad of details that I didn’t even know where in the games when I used my speakers to play: in one game, I really could actually hear my opponent’s gun clicking as he loaded and took aim. I could take him out the moment he moved into my range! And another time, when the enemy was doing his better to silently approach me from behind, I really could hear his foot stops and could spin around and strike before he could! The sound quality alone makes the Turtle Beach wireless XBOX headset an awesome advantage.

The headsets are super comfortable too. A number of my friends have other brands of headset and those have these little ear pads made out of vinyl that hardly cover your ear. My Turtle Beach XBOX wireless headset is way better – the ear pads are huge, each goes around your whole ear and don’t pinch it. And the pads are covered in a breathable mesh fabric which means that your ears don’t get all sweaty when you play.

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