Help to make Miracles Occur And obtain What you need

First off, you must be surviving in the Hot Zone. Why? Because that is where your dreams are became reality.

Bring it on, you say. Not so fast. In every good conscience, I must inform you in regards to the realities that you will encounter in the Hot Zone. I’d like to offer you a little clue. Things get “sticky” there. This is were the Primordial Forces of Nature “meet and greet” the wants and needs of mere mortals such as for instance you and I. Make miracles.

Where’s the Hot Zone?

To make miracles, it starts in the subconscious and extends out to the Universe. Exactly where in the Universe? You guess is as good as mine.

Scientifically speaking, conjecture would place the origin of the Hot Zone to be somewhere within the structure of Dark Matter and Dark Energy a course in miracles audio. I say this because supposedly 95% of the Universe contains Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Which incidentally, nobody has a clue of what it’s about. Make miracles.

No question about any of it, you and I will theorize about the energy of belief, the validity of prayer, and goodness knows what else, but the actual fact remains, folks are creating miracles for themselves each day nowadays, even as we live and breath.

What sort of miracles?

People are receiving unexplainable remissions of cancers and other health related phenomena. How about young kids which are physically impaired in lots of tragic ways. Yet they are able to do specific things with great art and genius. Displaying incredible talent for playing a musical instrument. Or simply showing the entire world their fantastic gift in the fields of mathematics and science. Make miracles.

You want even more miracles? Maybe closer to home. May very well not think of these accomplishments as miracles. But, lots of people do. Take the entire world of business enterprise.

How lots of people perhaps you have read about that begin a small business that is early and mundane. And, years latter, you read within the newspaper why these identical people are now actually millionaires. That’s right. These individuals have succeeded where everybody else fails or barely gets by. Go figure. Make miracles.

Don’t forget the youngsters

And lets not forget the youngsters of the world. Exactly how many youngsters perhaps you have heard about or know, which have developed in a environment where the typical child will be destroyed in. I am talking about, these kids which have been reared in bad families, bad neighborhoods and bad schools.

They didn’t stand a chance. But, guess what. Maybe as a result of some freak of nature, these kids turn out to be super achievers and leaders of industry, of town, and the politics. Make miracles. I am talking about it shouldn’t be happening. But, it does.

The important thing rests with you

The important thing to making these happen big style in your lifetime, rests with you. Nobody else can take action for you. It boils down to how badly would you like it? Sorry, the buck stops with you, when it comes to these matters.

Most experts in this field basically acknowledge one thing. To be able to be successful with the energy of belief, you’ll need to create this desired event happen in your head first. “As within so without “.

The ignition key

The ignition key to make things happen on your own is emotion. If you simply imagine something you would like, that won’t cut it. You’ll need to visualize with great emotion-like heart throbbing excitement. To be able to get to this state, it can help to utilize your entire senses-seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, and smelling.

No jive

I am not jiving you. The majority of your first class athletes use this system. Certainly at the Olympian level. These methods are employed. For instance, your elite performers in most fields of human endeavor use these methods.

Plenty of these individuals having been using these methods for such a long time, that, they do not even know it. Or, even better, they are not consciously alert to it.

Immediately I will think of three historical giants which used the energy of belief to transform their world. Firstly, we have one of the greatest warriors the entire world has ever known, Alexander the Great. His belief was unbelievably strong. Both his parents and culture helped form this phenomenon breaking attitude.

Alexander the Great

The man actually believed he was a god. He was a leader of men and nations. Matter of fact, he literally conquered the whole known world of his time. Age has no prejudices when it comes to accomplishment. He did all of this before his was 30 years of age. He was an item of his Greek or Mesopotamian culture.

In his book Jesus and Buddha, The Parallel Saying, Marcus Borg
highlights in regards to the absolute belief and conviction these two giants of the spiritual world had about miracles and the energy of belief.

Jesus- “If you have faith how big a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain,’Move from here to there ‘, and it’ll move, and nothing is going to be impossible for you.” Matthew 17.20

Buddha- “A monk who’s skilled in concentration can slice the Himalayas in two. Anguttara Nikaya 6.24

My Miracles

Personally, i have made some miracles for myself. Years back, I sold real estate in Chicago, Illinois. My specialty was selling new homes. My performance was just so-so. Nothing to brag about. I was desperately trying to improve my performance. I read books and attended seminars on how to sell.

One day I came across in my own “searching” that top drawer salespeople, artists, musicians, industrial leaders and athletes used visualization to be able to give outstanding performances within their chosen fields of endeavor.

I discovered the energy of visualization, the subconscious, and energy transference. I applied this knowledge to my selling of homes. So, guess what? I immediately began setting all kinds of sales records, to my total astonishment. Yeah, I felt such as for instance a thief in the night. I couldn’t believe this good fortune was happening to me.

When I moved to Florida, I took these same methods with me. I call them my little miracle makers. Don’t knock it if it works. Right? Make miracles.

After my near death experience with cancer of the colon in the last 2 yrs, I find myself seeking Divine Guidance. For different reasons you might think. I absolutely haven’t any concern with death. I am not concerned about the Great Unknown or Whatever. Within my sick and hospital days, I came across there are many worse things then death.

I am achieving this Guidance routine, because I know that life is short. Too short. Subsequently, I am trying to find wisdom and understanding to be able to make the most of whatever life and time I’ve left.

Hey, don’t misunderstand me. I am the picture of health. And, Personally i think great. But, I realize my mortality. So, I do want to make the most of life.

In this light, I found my self creating miracles and or praying for the welfare of a dear friend. He was having a rough go of it. I possibly could just feel “the Connection” when I prayed for this person. ” I possibly could feel it happening “.

And guess what? It did. It worked! This person sold his house for much more cash than he ever dreamed possible. And, he now has two incredible job/income opportunities which are training fantastically for him. Oh yeah, my prayers were answered beyond my hopes and dreams. Make miracles.

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