How to Write a good Novel — Writing Good Characters

If you are interested in becoming an author and are interested in learning how to write a good novel, start by reading good novels in the type that you are interested in writing about. Reading novels from great authors within the same type that you are interested in will give you ideas on what to structure the plot of your novel, how to create a theme, setting scenes, writing dialogues and how to write good characters.

The characters of any novel are central to the plot of the novel. Readers connect with the characters first before they pick up the theme of the book and start following its plot. If you want to learn how to write a good novel therefore, you must start by learning how to create good characters.

The first part of coming up with good characters is learning how to create the characters of your novel. When you have decided on the theme and plot of your story, you can decide on the characters you would like in your novel. If you are starting out on paper, you would be well advised heaven official’s blessing to keep the number of characters down to a bear minimum. If a single character can play the role of two or more characters, you should do away with the other characters and retain just one. Do not concentrate your time on developing characters that appear only for one page. These are a lot of important to the development of the theme or plot of the novel.

In learning how to write a good novel you will be well advised to use thorough research on the theme and scene of your novel. You should also carry out research on the character types you have decided for your novel. This makes the smoothness more believable to a reader. Ensure you will include a few realistic flaws to make your reader able to sympathize with and connect with the main character of your story.

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