New English Premier League Rules Come into Force

As all passionate EPL fans are likely aware, new rules stipulating a minimum number of homegrown players in the team of each English premier little league club come into full force this year.

Given the woeful performance of The united kingdom at the recent world cup, many would claim that these rules could not come a day faster. Critics of the say of foreign players in the EPL will claim that as the number of foreign players has steadily increased, the standard of home grown talent in addition has declined steadily.

This is not to say that the premier little league clubs have at the moment seen the error of their ways are. If you were hoping to see clubs focus on developing a new stream of academy stars such as those that came through the ranks at Old Trafford in the 1990s or those that have come through the academies of Everton (including the likes of Wayne Rooney and more recently, Jack Rodwell) and Western side Pork (including household names like Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard to mention a few); you may be disappointed.

Why? Because the new rules claim that all the 20 premier little league clubs have to submit a team all the way to 25 players. Each team must include no more than teen players who do not qualify as homegrown. So the issue is the requirement for getting qualification as home grown. MLB중계

To qualify as homegrown according to these less-than-onerous Football Association rules, all that is essential is that a player, “irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with any club associated to the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales for a period, continuous or not, of three entire months or three years prior to his 21st birthday”.

OK, sorry, I believe like most fans, you simply thought homegrown meant British — or at least, someone who could one day be in a position to play for the Three Lions of The united kingdom! Well, sorry! The new rules apparently makes Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas a home grown player. Great!

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