What criteria for choosing between a caravan and a motor home?

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A Recreational Vehicle is a dream for many people. But, choosing the right Recreational Vehicle is a tough ask. Choosing between a caravan and a motor home can be tricky if you don’t have all the cards in hand. This is why you must inform yourself well before buying. Your buying should be based on:

  • The model of the vehicle;
  • The quality of construction of the vehicle;
  • Length and weight of the vehicle;
  • The hitch system of the vehicle;
  • The engine and other mechanical equipment of the vehicle.
  • Having pet temperature monitor

All of these criteria will help you distinguish good quality RVs from other RVs. You will need to add your personal criteria related to your needs and abilities.


Ease of driving

A motor home is easier to drive than a caravan. Indeed, the latter requires more maneuvering space and trip planning is more complex, since the vehicle is not autonomous. However, when you have arrived at your destination, it allows you to do your small errands by separating the trailer from the towing vehicle.


Available space

Both types of RVs offer similar interior layouts, but the space is sometimes larger in trailers. As these do not have an integrated motor, their maintenance is also easier, since the living space can be detached from the motor vehicle during mechanical inspections.Whether, you buy a motor home or caravan, you need to have specific equipment for the pets like pet temperature monitor so that the pets are healthy during the trip.



The motor home, which is intended for constant travel, is more autonomous than the caravan. The latter’s water tank is limited to 40 liters, while that of the motorhome is up to 110 liters.

The budget

Due to the junction between the vehicle and the trailer, the purchase price of a motor home is much higher than that of a trailer. For the latter, however, you must not forget to take into account the towing vehicle necessary for its transport.


So, under the circumstances, you need to consider these importantpoints when you are deciding to buy a recreational vehiclefor travelling and choosing between motor home and caravan.

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